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SEANATIC is a project developed by a consortium of 5 partners, which aims to develop a preventive maintenance solution, the purpose being to reduce vessel operating costs and improve the design of future vessels.

As a first step towards the autonomous vessel, SEANATIC will bring new opportunities in terms of energy efficiency, safety and cost reduction thanks to an innovative predictive maintenance solution for vessels. 


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Sensor data
Artificial intelligence
Demonstration ship

Collection of sensor data 

Extraction and storage of data that comes from the sensors installed on the ship mechanical and electronical equipment. 

Artificial Intelligence 

The sensor data are analyzed by an Artificial Intelligence that will elaborate predictions. 

On-board and shore interfaces 

Data and predictions are accessible from a human-system interface onboard or remote onshore. As part of a co-development process with users, they are designed to be highly adaptive and adapted to the domain needs. The developed human-system interfaces are a predictive maintenance tool to support decision making, especially in long time. 

Data transmission

A Smart Antenna is installed on board to allow optimized and secure data transmission from board to shore and from shore to the board. 


The widespread use of connected ships mechanically increases the risk of computer hacking. We are introducing native security devices already proven on other types of connected objects such as cars or televisions.

Demonstration ship 

The solution is deployed on a pilot ship to perform real-world tests, evaluate and validate the various features and interfaces.

Seanatic dashboard

Application domains


Improvement of vessel knowledge in order to design future optimized vessels.


Fleet operations optimization through a better knowledge of vessel equipment behavior.

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Data that the customer needs to have on board and ashore relating to the specific work of the vessel.

The consortium