Azimut: Creator of digital solutions

For 30 years, Azimut has been designing, creating and developing digital solutions dedicated to information management, organization and distribution. The company creates customized digital solutions adapted to all media: web, applications, interactive terminals and digital display. Azimut supports its clients from creation to delivery, including installation, training and maintenance. The designed tools respond to a multitude of issues and aim for ergonomic, easy and intuitive use. Azimut's products are designed to meet the needs of local authorities, companies, key accounts and federations, with the same exacting standards.


Innovation is the driving force behind its actions, and is at the service of people.
As a company on a human scale, Azimut advocates collaborative work.
The entire team is at the service of its clients in order to co-construct the best solutions for their projects.  

Research and Development

Anchored in Brittany, France, Azimut relies on a reinforced R&D cooperation with its partners (Universities, Laboratories) on digital and technological innovation topics. 

Azimut and Seanatic project 


In the scope of SEANATIC project, a demonstrator will be developed for maritime predictive maintenance. Azimut will be in charge of creating the Human-System interface to restitute predictive maintenance information to the user. Its mission will be carried out in three phases:

- Domain understanding: analysis of the professional activity and identification of the domain's needs for predictive maintenance.

- Design, development and deployment of the Human-System interface

- In situ evaluation of the proposed solution 

Skills used

In the scope of SEANATIC project, Azimut will apply several of its skills: 

 - "Human Factor" expertise: mobilization of skills in psycho-ergonomics and cognitive ergonomics (theoretical framing, construction of a data collection and analysis method, control the disciplinary field tools, study of activity, needs and uses, etc.).This work will particularly lead to the proposal of a set of psycho-ergonomic and ergo-cognitive recommendations to guide the interface design process.

 - " Design, development and deployment of the Human-System Interface " expertise: mobilization of Azimut's core business to design a smart dynamic interface that adapts itself according to the context and the individual from :
·        The creation of a heterogeneous data structure model
·        The development of a parameter setting tool by user profile
·        The application of a user-centered design approach (compliance with psycho-ergonomic criteria and recommendations)


Jean-Marie Corteville, Azimut's Founding Executive Officer

"We always work with a usage-oriented approach. We design ergonomic and playful interfaces that promote interaction between man and machine. In this way, it is easier for our customers to appropriate these digital tools and make them work autonomously.

This approach, the very essence of the company's driving force, enables us to carry out innovative projects on a national and international scale"



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