THALOS is a designer of satellite communication solutions and innovative analysis tools for the maritime world. For 20 years, THALOS has been designing and deploying solutions for mariners and shipping companies in their multiple environments. The compay's goal is to understand its customers needs and provide them simple, reliable and efficient solutions on a daily basis, to enable them to : 


Communicate better with reliability and management solutions of ship connectivity for the control and optimization of communication flows between ship and shore. 


Make the right decisions with fishing assistance solutions that allow the visualization of oceanographic data, detection and estimation of present biomass. 


Supervise and Monitor on-board operations and communication flows with EMS solutions and management interfaces.

The company accompanies and equips more than 900 vessels (multi-market: fishing, merchant vessel, sailing, work vessels, scientific vessels...), worldwide. Its solutions are designed and developed by an R&D team, then marketed and deployed by a commercial and technical team present on 3 oceans via our 3 subsidiaries: THALOS, ERISAT and OCEAN-SAT.

THALOS and Seanatic project

In the scope of the Seanatic project, THALOS brings its expertise and innovation capabilities in the field of satellite data transmission and hybrid WAN networks. The project's data transmission optimization and reliability needs will benefit from these contributions.

This participation will take the form of the design and development of "Smart Antenna System" communication components. This innovative solution will include an embedded communication system ("Smart Antenna Box") and a central gateway server ("Smart Antenna Hub"). This system will ensure data transfers between onboard maritime systems and the cloud.

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