The world of naval construction and maintenance is today faced with the need to modernize ships to meet the challenges of autonomy and safety, energy efficiency and cost reduction.

To achieve these objectives, the first mandatory step is the 100% connected vessel.

In this context, questions concerning data, from its collection to its return to the individual user, including thoughts on its storage, processing and fusion and its security, are central (Big Data).

The purpose of the SEANATIC project is to answer these questions in order to design adaptive and ecological human-system interfaces, based on an approach centered on needs and uses, to represent and display relevant information for on-board and onshore maintenance. 

More specifically, the project will offer new features such as :

  • Centralized management of data,
  • Digitization of legal documents,
  • Monitoring of maintenance operations,
  • Secure digital exchanges with the cloud,
  • Interconnection of vessels
  • Automatic synchronization with shore-based management systems.